03 Jun
Pardner Pump Heat Shield Is Designed For Pump Action Shotguns!

A shotgun is a type of firearm mainly used for protection and used in military forces. It has the ability to fire multiple shots, or a single large projectile known as slug. These shotguns come in various styles; these include break action, semi automatic and pump action. The shotgun uses shells containing pellets. These shots are loaded in a chamber and when fired the pellets are spread out in a pattern. The shotguns are used in close to moderate ranges, and they are very effective. A shotgun requires heat shield, which acts as a protective barrier made to absorb and dissipate heat. These heat shields are also used in vehicles, spacecraft and industrial applications to prevent damage or to protect from heat.

It’s a must install accessory 

The Pardner heat shield is an equipment that is designed for shotguns, mainly for the Pardner pump action shotgun models. The heat shield protects the user hands from excessive heat generated during extended shooting sessions. This shield is made from aluminum or steel, the protective shield is attached securely with the shot gun’s barrel. Between the barrel and the shooter hands it forms a barrier. This object not only gives comfort but it also reduces the risk of burns and also the discomfort caused by the heat buildup while taking shots. 

Pardner Pump Heat Shield

Performance oriented heat shield

Pardner pump heat shield is a valuable accessory to enhance the safety and the performance of the shotguns. The service provider offers you to choose the best heat shield for the shotgun. The online store strives to meet customer expectations by delivering high-quality services efficiently and professionally. Beyond its protective function the protective shield also increases the shotgun's aesthetic appeal. Installing the shield is a straightforward process and requires no specialized tools. The durable construction ensures longevity and withstands harsh conditions during shooting activities without compromising performance.

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