01 Apr
Pardner Pump Heat Shield is Made from Heat Resistant Polymers!

A tactical stock is a specialized firearm accessory designed to enhance performance and handling in tactical situations. Typically made from durable materials like composite or polymer, it provides improved ergonomics, allowing for better stability and control during rapid fire or when employing various shooting techniques. A heat shield is a protective component used in various industries to deflect or dissipate heat from sensitive equipment or personnel. In automotive applications, heat shields are commonly found around exhaust systems to prevent heat from damaging nearby components or causing discomfort in the cabin. Spacecraft also use heat shields during re-entry to withstand the intense heat generated by atmospheric friction.  

  • It’s a very versatile firearm accessory

 The Pardner Pump protector tactical stock is a specialized firearm accessory designed to enhance the versatility and performance of the Pardner Pump shotgun series. This tactical stock is engineered to meet the demands of military, civilian shooters and law enforcement who require a rugged, reliable, and customizable platform for tactical applications. One notable feature of the Pump Protector Tactical Stock is its adjustable components, including the length of cheek and pull riser. These adjustable elements enable shooters to customize the stock to their individual physique and preferences, ensuring optimal comfort and alignment for improved recoil and accuracy management. 

Pardner Pump Heat Shield

  • It ensures maximum safety for the users

The Pardner Pump heat shield is a crucial accessory designed to enhance the safety and performance of the Pardner Pump shotgun series, particularly in high-temperature environments. Constructed from durable materials such as ceramics, metals and heat-resistant polymers, this heat shield serves as a protective barrier to mitigate the effects in close proximity to hot barrel surfaces or of extreme heat generated during prolonged firing sessions. Furthermore, the heat shield often incorporates channels to promote airflow around the barrel, preventing heat buildup within the shotgun's action or chamber. This ventilation design helps maintain consistent performance and reduces the likelihood of malfunctions caused by excessive heat.

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