27 Jun

While operating a shotgun or firing multiple rounds; everyone wants it to be more relaxed and safer – don’t you?

So, let the highest-quality, and advanced Maverick 88 Heat Shield gets you there!

Maverick 88 Heat Shield

Heat shields are one of the most essential parts of any powerful shotguns. They not only solve the extreme heat issues, a shooter faces while firing multiple rounds but also ensure complete protection to his/her hand while shooting.

From self-defense guns to the high-end military versions; heat shields have always been a prime requirement for shooters. Though not compulsory; but heat shields have still managed to create an essential space in the industry of Maverick shotgun accessories.

Why Use Heat Shield For Maverick 88?

The heat shields for the powerful Maverick shotguns are made from the highest quality materials in order to control and prevent excess heat production. With highest cosmetic makeover potentials, the heat shields for Maverick are also highly effective to tackle the heat and sounds, produced from the gun while firing.

Apart from tackling all the heat insulation and sound insulation needs; heat shields are also useful to add more elegance to the gun’s original look. You also can order for personalized or custom designs for your Maverick 88 Heat Shield. With custom designs; you can get your unique Maverick 88 a completely new makeover.

Plus, the heat shields are also extremely easy to install. You can easily install it on the barrels, without causing any scratch to the barrel itself.

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